Jandia Peninsula – Fuerteventura

The south of Fuerteventura is mainly known for its two beautiful beaches – the fairytale Playa de Sotavento and the wild Playa del Cofete. The Jandia peninsula is also the most mountainous part of the island.

Costa Calma

Fuerteventura's newest resort is a place that is completely expressionless. Built from scratch, town only with tourists in mind, it's just a maze of hotels, apartments, restaurants and shops. Needless to say, that absolutely all accommodation facilities in Costa Calma are pre-booked by travel agencies, and the restaurants don't look inviting. Surprisingly, on site, apart from two branches of the famous windsurfing school Rene Egli, there are practically no attractions.

Sotawento Beach

Sotavento Beach, meaning the Portuguese "beach, on which the wind blows ", is a beautiful sandbank, approx. 6 km, on the eastern shore of the Jandia peninsula, although customarily this name is used to describe beaches that stretch continuously across 22 km south of Costa Calma, along the FV-2 road. Fine white sand washed by the turquoise sea, which in some places creates lovely lagoons, is one of the most photographed and visited places in Fuerteventura. Even though the mighty resort of Costa Calma has been erected on the northern tip of Playa de Sotavento, the beaches are not crowded. The rule is simple -im further from the resort, the fewer sunbathers.

Sotavento Beach, because of the good wind, is one of the favorite places of surfers (and naturists). Planning to move away from tourist centers, it is worth stocking up on drinks and snacks – there are no dining options on the beach. While sunbathing, you have to look at the ocean from time to time, which at high tide can completely cut off part of the beach. People traveling by car can reach their destination by one of the many exits from the FV-2 expressway (the most convenient is the road leading to Risco de Paso). Coming by bus (#1 i 4), it's best to get off at the roundabout in Costa Calma and walk through the resort to the beach (ok. 20 min walk).