Valle Gran Rey – guide


Orientation, communication and information

There are several small towns inside Valle Gran Rey – most of them (La Calera, La paya, La Puntilla, Turns, Borbaląn) she focused on the coast itself. Almost all apartments and hotels as well as other tourist attractions are also located there. The higher parts are inhabited by islanders, who grow bananas and vines on rocky terraces.

Information about the island can be found in La Playa, where the information bureau operates | tourist (c / Lepanto; 922805458; VII-IX pn.-sb. 9.00-14.00, X-VI pn.-sb. 9.00-13.30 i 16.00-18.30, nd. 10.00- 13.00) and at a small information desk (922805058; pn.-pt. 8.30-15.30).

There are daily buses to Valle Gran Rey from San Sebastian - they stop in all places in the valley, and the main station is in La Calera.

Active recreation

Jazda konna Donkey Park (Valle Gran Rey; 670805089,, Trips around the island on horses and donkeys. The offer also includes excursions and lessons for children.


fish & Co Diving Center (Aptd. 99, The beach; 922805688,; office Sat-Thu. 8.30-9.00 i 16.30-18.30, diving Sat-Thu. 8.30— 18.30). PADI expeditions and courses.

Gomera Dive Resort (Residential Italy; 619916682). PADI expeditions and courses.


Solano (w / Piedras Quebradas no number, Valle Gran Rey; 922805337,,

Bicycle trips

Bike Station Gomera (La Puntilla 7, Valle Gran Rey; 922805082, fax 922805082, bike-gomera @ ctv es, Bicycle trips around the island and bike rental.

Boat trips

Club de Mar (The Laps, Valle Gran Rey; 922805759, fax 922807142,, The small dolphin research center also organizes trips for 10 people. boats.

Excursions Tina III (922805885, fax 922807122,, Excursions to Los Organos aboard a 50-seater ferry, During the cruise, you can see dolphins and whales and swim in the sea during a stop in a small bay between San Sebastian and Playa Santiago.

OCEAN Gomera (Apdo. of mails 43, Turns, Valle Gran Rey; 62211871329, fax 922805717,, 10-person tours. on a fishing boat towards Los Organos.