Fuerteventura – guide


Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the archipelago, which does not change the fact, that he only has 1659 km2 of the area, in the longest place it measures just 100 km, and to the fullest 30 km. It is flat, however, there are quite a few hills and mounds in the central part and on the Jandia peninsula – the highest one measures just over 700 m n.p.m. Even though the inhabitants used to settle mainly in the highlands, at present it seems rather empty and uninhabited – there are only approx. 100 thousand. people, of which over a third in the capital, Puerto del Rosario.

Fuerteventura's most important holiday resorts are concentrated in the North (Corralejo) and noon (Costa Calma, Morro Jable), by miles of white beaches. On the other hand, places important from a historical point of view, like the old capitals (Betancuria, Olive and Antigua), they are in the interior. Unfortunately, Fuerteventura's artistic heritage is rather poor.



Matorral airport (3928860500) is situated 6 km south of the island's capital – Puerto del Rosario. It mainly serves tourist charter flights as well as regular and low-cost flights to many European cities (e.g.. London, Berlin, Amsterdam). Information on all airlines served by the airport can be found at www.aena.es. Bintercanarias lines (3902391392, www.bintercanarias.com) oraz Islasairways (3902477478, www.islasairways.com) you can fly to Gran Canaria (BC 6 daily flights, HE 5 daily flights) and to Tenerife (Tenerife Norte BC airport 6 daily flights). There is a tourist information desk at the airport (3928860604, fax 928543655; pn.-sb. 9.00-19.00, nd. 10.00-16.00).

Special buses are available at the airport for tourists arriving in Fuerteventura on organized excursions, which take them to hotels. Persons, who travel on their own, they have a taxi to choose from (3928855432; Puerto del Rosario 10 €, Corralejo 42 €, El Cotillo 48 €, Costa Calma 66 €) or a bus (tooth. below) do Puerto del Rosario (ok. 1 €). From the Puerto del Rosario bus station, you can take a bus to virtually anywhere on the island.


Ferries from Fuerteventura run on three routes: Corralejo — Playa Blanca, Morro Jable — Las Palmas de Gran Canaria oraz Puerto del Rosario-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The routes are served by Fred Olsen's catamarans and Naviera Armas ferries, which are admittedly slower, however, unlike fully built-up competitor catamarans, they give passengers the opportunity to go on board.

Naviera Armas (tt9024B6500, www.navieraarmas.com). Morro Jable — Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (codz. 18.30; adults from 80 € return, 12-26 years 70 €, children to 12 years 40 €, do 3 years free; ok. 3 at); Puerto del Rosario-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (wt.-sb. 11.30; adults from 90 € return, youth 12-26 years 70 €, do 12 years 45 €, do 3 years free; ok. 8 at); Corralejo — Playa Blanca (pn.-sb. 7 calls a day, nd. 5 calls a day; adults 35 € return, 12-26 years 28 €, do 12 years 17 €, do 3 years without pl.; ok. 35 min).

Fred Olsen (ir902535090, www.fredolsen.es). Corralejo — Playa Blanca (codz. 5 daily; adults 45 € return, 12-26 years 30 €, children to 3 years without pl,; ok. 25 min).